Jogos de quebra-cabeça.

Onet Gallery 3D Get ready for some classic Onet Connect fun in a new and realxing 3D look!
0 0   720
Train 2048 Grab your train ticket and hop onboard of the most fun 2048 games you've ever traveled with.
0 0   673
Giant 2048 Get ready for the sweetest AND biggest 2048 puzzle game ever created!
0 0   210
Brain Trainer Take a look into our Brain Trainer! Improve your cognitive skills and test your own intelligence!
0 0   219
Mahjong World Explore the ancient world of Mahjong and collect all Diamonds in the great successor of Mahjong 3D!
0 0   208
Mahjong 3D Solve all new 3D level in this reinvented classic board game!
0 0   206
Onet World Find identical pairs of animal tiles, clear as many levels as you can and build your own Onet World...
0 0   192
Blocks Puzzle Zoo Rescue the captive animals by placing the block shapes onto the field to connect the keys with the c...
0 0   230
Element Blocks Drag and drop block shapes onto the grid to create full lines and score as many points as possible i...
0 0   201
Find In Mind Train your brain in 18 challenging mini games with a total of 3600 levels!
0 0   213
Merge Jewels Merge rocks to turn them into shiny gems, earn coins and try to complete you collection!
0 0   196
Maze Can you find the exit and escape the maze in this exciting puzzle game?
0 0   200
1000 Blocks Try to clear all stone blocks in this addictive puzzle game and earn as many points as possible!
0 0   183
Bunny Quest Slide the tiles to form a path and help the little bunny to reach the goal!
0 0   204
Mahjong Flowers Play 150 levels in this flowery Mahjong game and try to earn all gold stars!
0 0   194
Dominoes Classic Choose between three Dominoes game variants in this minimalist version of the board game classic and...
0 0   200
Kitchen Mahjong Classic Find pairs of identical Mahjong tiles in this kitchen-themed Mahjong connect game and try to earn a...
0 0   206
Mahjong Connect Classic Find pairs of Mahjong tiles and try to earn as many points as you can in this board game classic!
0 0   244
Word Search Classic Can you find all the words hidden in the grid in this classic word search puzzle game!
0 0   199
Onet Connect Classic Find pairs and remove all tiles from the field before the time is up in this cute Mahjong connect ga...
0 0   217